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Mini Humidifier



- Ultrasonic aroma humidifier uses ultrasonic vibration to generate water mist and discharges it into dry air when it is humidified.

- It will effectively wrap your environment and bring a sense of SPA to your home, office, room, shopping center, hotel room, spa, yoga bed top and even work rooms, relaxing from the hectic day.

- Only 3-5 drops of GX are needed. Disperse the essential oil in the water, you can smell the perfume, have a good mood and a better sleep, alleviate the depression after a day of work.

- If there is not enough water, the item will automatically close.


- Can't be used without water. Tap water is the best choice.

- Please add water under the maximum line. If water is added to the MAX line, the fog will be very thin.

- Do not touch the ultrasonic vibrating plate inside the tank directly with your hand.

- If the ultrasonic chip is contaminated, it may cause malfunction or no effect.

- Close the lid before starting the nebulizer

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